Alpha Bio's


The Bradster (also known as Dudley for his ability to pick up women) glides down the street on a 2001 Silver Fatboy. He is known by the pack as the “Crier” because he is constantly sobbing at every rest stop (she left you two years ago, get over it already...allergies actually). Bradster’s special purpose when riding is to alert the pack of all potential pit stops. He also is an effective bug shield when you can convince him to take the lead on a ride. His long waving grey hair and flapping cheek skin make him an attractive lure for bugs (especially when he is riding next to Dirt…sight and smell working together). The Bradsters can be heard regularly on every adventure moaning the words “are we there yet, where the hell is the next bar”?


“Dirt”, also known as “Mud” during the rainy season, sports a 1999 Orange Sportster (we don’t have the guts to tell you about his 1978 Honda Goldwing). He dresses in brown and when he falls over on the side of the road from over consumption he is like a chameleon and blends into his surroundings (it is almost scary). Dirt loves to critique restaurant prices on all road trips and has a hotdog named after him (The “Mike Dog”…we’re not sure what is in it but it is surely dead). He is the oldest known member of the Desert Dogs and claims to be the 13th disciple. Dirt can usually be found at a dark, cheep, and dirty establishment. Favorite quotation:  "Sure I'm an old antique, I just hope you young dogs can keep up".

Part Way

Can be found mounted on a black 1988 Electraglide Classic. He prefers to end trips quickly (by choice and motor failure). He has never been known to have completed a ride…including several non starts. Part Way prides himself as getting the best gas mileage of the whole pack!!! The size of his excuse list for not finishing or starting rides is legendary. He resides on the East Sesame Street side of town with his buddy (Dirt and Ernie).

Sag (RC)

Also nicknamed the Rodeo Clown (RC) because he used to be a bull rider…was even gored by a bull once. He won't say where exactly.........Hmmmm?? He's given up on the bulls and now rides a blue 2005 Road Glide instead. Known as the human radar detector, he's a natural leader (he leads the pack in tickets). Sag sometimes forgets to make pit stops when leading the pack prompting action from the Bradster " where the hell is the next bar" and Dirt " I need another rest stop".


Has been known by very few nicknames however has been called many names......."Obnoxious Ignoramus", The "Button Pusher", Full of "Du Du", As@ho&e, Swayback (a title now endured to Partway) and occasionally "Lucky Sh#t. Can be seen moving down the road on a green (Teal) 2004 Road King. WARNING!!:  He is believed to have the power to divert police radar guns to other riders, so don't ride too close! Considered by most as the second ugliest member of the Alpha pack (Dirt has the title), Unknown seems to have a sympathy effect on all women (like finding a cute baby skunk), causing them to show him attention without being revolted. Unknown may be a homeless person since he is rarely seen in a shirt that still has the sleeves on it. He is often heard saying "Whose round is it anyway?" or "Sag missed another bar."